segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2009

Project Impact

... come with us in 'Project Impact'!As Christians and citizens we can not remain inert in the injustices that occur there.Day after day the disregard for the needy enough to harden the hearts of the most sentimental.There is so poor, misery and death to see that there kids signals, abuse and without having the whole family to eat, we think that is the end of the world! But it is not. Not to us that we have the Holy Spirit into of us.We were put in this world not only to survive but to cause difference. The dimension the impact depends on the size of our faith and daring.So brother, what the size of your faith?
Charity & Itatira both cities are poor, located in the central hinterland of Ceará. The drought and lack of infrastructure contribute annually to the rates of infant mortality, forced labor for children and families exodus increase considerably.This year the target is the connection to collect 2 tons of food, and clothes and toys to be donated to these families. In addition of course, the Salvation word will say for all these people!This program was started in year 2008. This year you are our invited.PIC work 2008 - click hereinformation - skype pati.nanni - - (5585) 8715-2610

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