terça-feira, 30 de junho de 2009


The most common idea that we have the respect of gratitude is the feeling that we should nurture who did something for us in the present or in some way, made our lives more enjoyable. The concept of gratitude is, therefore, in most cases associated with charity. However, it is related to something very important, which can make a difference in our lives. It is the ability to see every event that he carries for good. Even if you are experiencing difficult times, where our material and emotional needs not being met, when we, if we are willing to find reasons to thank. This determines whether our life will be an eternal draw of thanks and blessings, or in sympathy, in which play the role of victims angry against the traps of destiny. To cultivate gratitude is a way to accept each challenge as an opportunity for change and inner growth. If we are able to see reality with new eyes, taking what life without regret or reservation in nonconformity, the difficulties will be resolved more quickly. The constant complaints and whining away from us any possibility of reunion with peace. The important thing is moving forward with the confidence that it will better the next time. After all, if life is made of contrasts, a bad moment can only follow a new beginning, full of achievements and joy.

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