segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2009

The Face of God!

There was a small boy who wanted to meet God. He knew he had a long road ahead. One day, his backpack filled with pastries and guarana, and went to play in the park. When he walked about 3 blocks, found an old man sitting on a bench watching the birds of the square. The boy sat up with him, opened her backpack, and would take a sip of guarana, when the old man looked and saw that he was hungry, then offered him a cake. The grateful old man, accepted, and the boy smiled. His smile was so incredible that the boy wanted to see again, so he offered him his guaraná. Again the old man smiled to the boy. The boy was so happy! They were sitting there, smiling, eating cake and drinking guaraná the rest of the afternoon, no one to talk outro.Quando began to darken the boy was tired and decided to go home, but before leaving he turned and gave a big hug novelhinho. Then the old man gave him the biggest smile that the boy had recebido.Quando the boy came home, his mother, surprised to see the happiness printed on its face, asked: - What did you do today that made you happy as well ? He said .- I spent the afternoon with God - and said - You know, he has the most beautiful smile I ever saw! Meanwhile, the old man came home with the most radiant smile on the face, and his son asked: - Why where have you been are you so happy? And the old man replied: - I ate pastries and guarana in the park with Deus.Antes that your child might say something, said: - You know that He is well younger than I thought? Side of God is in all people and things, are seen by us with eyes of love and the heart.

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